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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I need a visa to visit Singapore?

    • A: Depending on your nationality and country of residence, a visit visa may be required before you can travel to Singapore. Med-Voyage can assist in arranging the visa on your behalf. To find out if you require visa to Singapore, please click here.
  • Q: What is the cost of medical treatment in Singapore?

    • A: Costs will obviously vary according to the type and complexity of treatment. In most cases, treatment in Singapore will be significantly cheaper than the equivalent quality care in the US or UK. Med-Voyage helps you with the consultations with hospitals and doctors, and you will be given a clear indication of cost in order to decide whether to proceed or not.
  • Q: How does Med-Voyage help with consultations?

    • A: Initial consultations with doctors can be done in person in Singapore, or via email. In the case of verbal consultations, Med-Voyage’s medical interpreters will join the meeting to allow you to discuss all the issues with the doctor. For written consultations, we will carry out all translations via email.
  • Q: What about translating of medical reports and papers?

    • A: This is part of our service. Med-Voyage will translate all written reports and documents to and from English and will help to explain any complex points and assist with clarifications if required.
  • Q: How do you help at the doctor’s surgery or at the hospital?

    • A: Your personal consultant will organise and accompany you for all visits to the doctor and to the hospital during consultations and surgery, to provide interpretation (if required).
  • Q: What about confidentiality?

    • A: Med-Voyage has strict patient confidentiality policies which ensure that your medical matters are treated with the strictest of confidence. All discussions between you and your doctors are kept as strictly confidential and will never be discussed or disclosed to any third party. Med-Voyage will never approach any doctor, hospital or other party to discuss your case without your consent.
  • Q: How much does Med-Voyage charge for these services?

    • A: Our charges are very reasonable and will be clearly explained to you when contacting us for more information. Med-Voyage does not charge patients any fees for booking of medical treatments, and customers settle their bills directly with the hospital with no payment to us.
  • Q: Can you assist with any other services in Singapore?

    • A: Yes! Med-Voyage can help you with all aspects of your trip to Singapore. We can advise on, and assist you with booking of local tours or even trips to other destinations in the region. Singapore is a great hub for travel to other tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, and we can help you with arranging trips to other places while you are here.